Lottery Results

Whether you’re a regular Lotto player that takes part in both the Wednesday and Saturday draws, or you’re more of a casual gamer that enjoys the occasional flutter you’ll want access to regular lottery results. The draw itself is televised live on the BBC but we don’t all have immediate access to a TV to watch the draw. You could be out enjoying a meal or just watching a program on the other side but, if you’re like the majority of us, you won’t want to wait until the next day to read the lottery results in the national paper.

Potentially Life Changing Lottery Results

Individual players and syndicate members like to know whether they’re sitting on a life changing sum of money as quickly as possible. With our free email lottery results service you can sign up using your name and email address and have the results emailed to you once the relevant draw has been completed. This way you can still go out and enjoy your Saturday night, or you can turn over and watch another program safe in the knowledge that you will get lottery results sent directly to your email Inbox.

Check Your Numbers Now

You can check the latest Lotto, EuroMillions, and even Irish lottery results below. Don’t forget, you could be sitting on millions of pounds thanks to one lucky ticket but you won’t know until you’ve had chance to check your numbers. If you’re part of a syndicate then the chances are even better that you’ll be sharing in at least one cash prize come tomorrow, or Monday morning. By checking your lottery results now you’ll know what to expect.

Claim Your Cash Quickly

If you are lucky enough to have won then you should claim your prize as quickly as possible. Regardless of whether your prize is £10 or £10 million, the prize legally belongs to the person that is in possession of the ticket and not necessarily the person that bought it. Lose or misplace your winning ticket and you’ve also lost your winnings. What’s more, you only have 6 months to claim your prize and if you fail to do so in this time frame then the winnings will be given to charitable organisations.

Unclaimed Prizes

If you’ve spent the time and money buying a lottery ticket then you obviously want to win one of the cash prizes but you might be surprised to learn just how much money remains unclaimed at any given time. It is not uncommon for several million pounds of prizes to remain unclaimed up to five months after the draw date and this includes the big prizes in excess of £100,000 and even £1 million.

Lucky You

Once you’ve checked the lottery results and are fortunate enough to find out you’re a winner you should claim the prize as quickly as possible. For most prizes, and certainly those up to the value of £200 (more in some cases) you can claim and collect your prize from any participating lottery outlet. The Post Office is the place to collect winnings if you’re fortunate enough to have won up to £50,000 while big money winners will need to visit a regional lottery centre.

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