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Joining a lottery syndicate can greatly improve your chances of picking the winning ticket. Whether you’re a regular UK Lotto player or you prefer the bigger EuroMillions draw, becoming a part of a lottery syndicate allows you to play the odds to your advantage; you share the risk in order to share the rewards. Camelot, the organisation behind the UK Lotto, states that an impressive one in four jackpots are won by syndicates rather than individual players.

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A lottery syndicate gives you the chance to invest in multiple lotto tickets; something that most of us wouldn’t dream of doing on an individual basis. Similarly, when you join the EuroMillions syndicate you can enjoy more lines and you don’t have to break the bank or chip away at the savings to do it. Lotteries are a game of numbers and statistics and by joining a syndicate you greatly improve your odds of winning.





Convenient And Simple Lottery Syndicates

Another benefit of joining a well managed lottery syndicate is how much easier it becomes to play the Lotto or Euromillions draw. The syndicate itself is managed and maintained on your behalf; even if members drop out of your syndicate, you won’t be responsible for finding new players because that’s done for you. The system is worked out on your behalf and the tickets are purchased, validated, and the winnings are even collected and delivered for you. That means that when you do win you don’t even need to traipse to the newsagents to pick up your cash.

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