The Daily Draw

The Daily Draw is run by the Irish Lottery and is the most frequently drawn lottery that offers a £1m jackpot. This and all other, smaller prizes are guaranteed and fixed. The draw works in much the same way as the UK Lotto. Players choose 6 numbers and aim to match a minimum of 3 against the 6 main numbers drawn. A bonus ball is also drawn and if this is matched along with 5 main numbers then a £200,000 jackpot prize is awarded.

  • Matching 3 main numbers – £15
  • Matching 4 main numbers – £200
  • Matching 5 main numbers – £3,500
  • Matching 5 main numbers and the bonus ball – £200,000
  • Matching 6 main numbers – £1m jackpot

Subscription Levels

The Daily Draw takes place every single day, except on Christmas Day which is the only day it doesn’t take place. This means that players have the opportunity to win as much as £1m every single day of the week from Monday to Sunday.