Lottery Syndicate FAQ

Q. What is a Lottery Syndicate?

It is simply a means an organisation of friends, family members or colleagues forming a team to play lottery. Ticket money is taken from the members and winning money is distributed among all the members, proportionate to their inputs to buy lottery ticket.

Q. Is there an easy way to set up a lottery syndicate?

Sure. You can get a syndicate kit from us. The kit has all the details of setting up and managing your syndicate. Download our free example Lottery Syndicate Agreement Form.

Q. Who can be the manager and what are his/her responsibilities?

Anyone a team can trust and assign leadership can be the manager. His/her responsibilities include managing the syndicate, collecting ticket money and distributing prize money according to the agreement. It is also the responsibility of the manager to make sure all members are paying and getting paid according to the agreement. He/she is responsible for buying tickets, checking results and running the syndicate.

Q. Is it important to have a syndicate agreement?

Yes. It is important to have an agreement. You can use a lottery syndicate agreement template. You can also draft your own agreement. The agreement can be helpful in case a dispute arises. It can also serve you big time, when sharing big prize money, as you can tell the tax department that the sharing of money is based on previously existing agreements.  Download our free example Lottery Syndicate Agreement Form.

Q. What are the things to include in the syndicate agreement?

The date on which the agreement became active;
The manager’s name;
Names of all the members in the group;
The details of draws for which the syndicate will enter;
The number of tickets for each draw,
The total amount each member pays for each draw,
How the winnings are shared;
What happens if a member fails to pay, etc are the things to be included in the agreement.

If team members change, the agreement should be modified. There should be a third party witness, usually a solicitor. Each member should keep a copy of the agreement. Put everything down on writing so that there won’t be any confusion, even in case of serious doubts and problems.

Q. Are there any legal requirements for a syndicate agreement?

No. However, it is extremely helpful in case you win a big prize like a jackpot. You can share the amount without mandating each member to pay taxes. Your agreement is the proof that the lottery money was split according to a previously existing agreement. Otherwise, each of the member has to pay ‘Inheritance Tax’.

We don’t provide any tax or legal advice. Talk to a qualified tax professional for expert advice on this matter.

Q. How many members are there in a lottery syndicate?

It depends on your decision. You can include any number of members into your syndicate. However, always keep the number of members to a minimum, as management of the syndicate can become a problem later on.

Q. How can I buy multiple tickets?

While buying tickets online, click on the ‘Add more lines’ at the bottom of the page. Click here ( for more details.

You can also sign up for an account at National Lottery, which allows you to play up to eight weeks in advance and up to 35 lines per draw. There is also an option for Lotto Subscription, where the same numbers are bought every week. In this case, you can set up a direct debit, so that you can always buy the tickets by default. You can cancel it any time.

Q. Does National Lottery has any control over the syndicates?

No. We don’t control any syndicates. However, we recommend you stick to the agreement you have drafted and conduct accordingly. We are not there to enforce the agreement.

Q. How do I know if we have won?

We email the winning numbers to you, if you buy tickets online. You can also check the details of your tickets and matched numbers online. The results are also published online, so that you can check your offline tickets.

Q. Are there any tips and techniques available to run a lottery syndicate?

If you are interested, you can take the Dream Coach tips. It helps you run a successful syndicate. We assume no responsibilities though.